Are you an entrepreneur?: A blog about tips for running an entrepreneurial business.

Running an entrepreneurial business requires courage to make decisions, self-discipline to stay focused, adaptability to adapt to change, perseverance to get through low periods, conviction to continue when you want to quit, and creativity to accomplish goals. 

I’m sure we run into entrepreneurial type folks every day and maybe you wonder how in the world they do it. I know I did when I first started my business! I thought, how do people have the time to try new things, take risks, get bored of things easily…I was so left brain tied to structure, will power, routine and schedules that I wondered how on Earth could these types of people be successful. Since becoming one of them myself, I’ve learned that there are some guidelines that can help you steer clear of common pitfalls if you incorporate these into your daily life.

While there are plenty of books about how to build a successful business, sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Do you ask yourself “How do I fit it all in?” It’s so easy to get caught up with everyday tasks and forget about what truly matters – YOU!

For almost anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, it's important to understand the difference between a venture capitalist and a small business owner. The two have a lot in common: they both have to find opportunities, they both have to judge people, and they both have to deal with surprises.

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Having a small business or career in the arts can sometimes feel so out of control. I'm here to assist you in your media efforts so you can focus on what you truly love, your craft. 

If you want to achieve your business goals - but don't have time for the work it takes to do so - then join me! 

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