30 Days of Manifesting and Goal Setting Journal

When running a business or working on your craft, it can feel overwhelming balancing other life priorities like a day job, family, relationships, self-care, etc. Sometimes your passion can get placed on the back burner, which ends up doing more harm as it crushes your soul!

I created this 30 Days of Manifesting and Goal Setting Journal to help people find more balance and clarity, so they don't have to give up their dreams. Staying organized and consistent is essential to ensure your dreams are still getting oxygen. This 30 Days of Manifesting and Goal Setting Journal is to help simplify your practice so you can be consistent and have a clearer vision of the steps you need to take to build your dreams.

Notion Template - Digital Version of the 30 Days of Manifesting and Goal Setting

Because of the high costs and fees it costs to print the paperback version, I made a version that is more affordable. $3.99 on Etsy. 

PR Pitch Bakery Workbook

This 50 page workbook is small but mighty! Also, you can re-use it by following along with a notebook! 

If you're just starting out and looking to do PR pitches for a client or yourself- this guide will walk you through and help you figure out how to write it. 

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Having a small business or career in the arts can sometimes feel so out of control. I'm here to assist you in your media efforts so you can focus on what you truly love, your craft. 

If you want to achieve your business goals - but don't have time for the work it takes to do so - then join me! 

We'll take care of your social media management, PR, and virtual assistant needs!

By going with BMC services, you are helping support an artist's day job to support their dreams while supporting you to live your dreams! For creatives, by creatives!

Artists supporting artists :)